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This tool can be used to either decompile or compile ROMs for Pharos Traveler 117.
Pharos Traveler 117
- Decompiling ROM
1. phrexesplit <xyz.exe>
2. Files directory released, flash.bin is a B000FF image, so use osnbtool to handle it.

- Compiling ROM
1. First put the modified flash.bin back to the Files directory.
2. phrexesplit /b
3. out.exe generated. You can now try flashing with the file.
1. It is important that you don't touch any files that you shouldn't touch, or you may get into deep trouble
2. Files larger than certain size will be compressed. As I don't know the limit, I set to compress files larger than 1,048,576 bytes.
phrexesplit.rar (49KB)phrexesplit v1.00 (2009/10/15)
This tool has been used by Erick Will as one of the ROM customization tool.