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This tool can be used to either decompile or compile ROMs for various Acer/Eten devices.
All Eten and Post-Eten Acer Devices using Windows Mobile except xxxTouch series
- Decompiling ROM
1. x960abisplit2 <temp.dat>
2. ExtROM directory and other files released, use nbsplit osnbtool -sp 2 times to generate a usable nb file

- Compiling ROM
1. First rename the new os.nb0 to os-new.nb0, and prepare the ExtROM directory (If you didn't touch the directory, the tool will just regenerate the same ExtROM image), other files just leave as is.
2. x960abisplit2 /b <temp.dat>
3. out.dat generated. Move the file somewhere and rename it back to temp.dat, then you can try flashing with the file.
1. It is important that you don't touch any files that you shouldn't touch, or you may get into deep trouble
2. This tool support building of big-storage ROM (i.e. Free storage space depends on your ROM size), so all ROM partitions will be reflashed (IPL, Knight, USBDL, etc).
3. You may modify the content of ExtROM, however note that don't exceed the size as reported in /b, as ExtROM is not resizable.
4. For 512-byte ROMs, there is a 262,144 bytes (00000000~0003FFFF) of FF paddings at start of imgfs you need to handle first.
5. ROM date will be updated to current date when compiling
x960datsplit.rar (29KB)x960datsplit v1.10 (2009/10/15)
This tool has been used by hdubli as one of the ROM customization tool.