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This tool can be used to either decompile or compile firmware images for Acer beoTouch E200(AV30) and Motorola A3100.
Acer beoTouch E200 (AV30)
Acer neoTouch P400
Motorola A3100
- Decompiling ROM
1. e200romtool <Acer_E200_1.049c.00_EN_IN.hex>
2. Part files based on the file name generated. The last part file is the OS image, use osnbtool -sp for 2 times to generate a usable nb file

- Compiling ROM
1. e200romtool /b <Acer_E200_1.049c.00_EN_IN.hex>
2. out.hex generated. Move the file somewhere and rename it back to original file name, then you can try flashing with the file.
1. It is important that you don't touch any part files except the last one, or you may get into deep trouble
2. This tool only works for OS and AMSS images. For other images use generic Intel HEX tools
1.10: Added support for Motorola A3100
e200romtool.rar (27KB)e200romtool v1.00 (2009/11/29)
This tool has been used by hdubli as one of the ROM customization tool.