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This tool can be used to either decompile or compile ROMs for various Asus devices that used the ABI firmware format (Can also be used in O2 XDA Zest).
P565, P835, P560(ZX1), M20, M930
* For P835 and later devices, V3 should be used
- Decompiling ROM
1. p835abisplit2 <abi/exe file>
2. os.nb0 and extrom.img released (Only for Pre-P835 devices), os.nb0 cab be processed by imgfsfromnb or osnbtool, extrom.img can be processed by WinImage.

- Compiling ROM
1. First rename the modified os.nb0 to os-new.nb0, and rename extrom.img to extrom-new.img (If the new files do not exist, then the compiler will use the parts from original ROM)
2. p835abisplit2 /b <abi/exe file>
3. out.abi releases, which can be used to flash directly (Only for Pre-P835 devices or Post-P835 devices with unencrypted ROM).
4. If you input the updater EXE to p835abisplit2, it will also produce out.exe with region locked patched which can be used to flash your new ROM directly on devices with any region!
1. If you need to modify XIP, make sure the modded XIP is the same size as the original one before merging back to nb0, otherwise booting will fail
2. For Pre-P835 devices, current version can create big-storage ROMs with variable size of imgfs. If the new OS is smaller than the original one, the freed space will be allocated to user space (The left part as shown in Memory setting) after flashing. However the user space display will only reflect the change on second flash.
3. For Post-P835 devices, all partitions must be exactly same size with the original one (i.e. you need to pad the partition before putting it back), otherwise the device won't boot.
4. For Pre-P835 devices, you can modify ExtROM as you like, but not remove or rebuild the image file, otherwise you may get a brick! (Not able to enter bootloader)
p835abisplit2.rar (39KB)p835abisplit2 v2.40 (2009/6/16)
This tool has been used by hdubli and as one of the ROM customization tool.